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Keeping Otocinclus in the Aquarium – Here’s How it Works


Ear Grid Loricariid Catfish are beautiful small aquarium fish, which even make themselves useful by eating algae in the aquarium. They keep both the glass and the decoration clean and are a real eye-catcher. The peaceful Ear Grids Loricariid Catfish

Keeping Pea Puffer Fish in the Aquarium – This is How it Works

Keeping Pea Puffer Fish in the Aquarium – This is How it Works

This small representative of the pufferfish species is a real feast for the eyes: with its large eyes and tiny fins it fascinates every observer of the aquarium. The pea puffer fish is not only pretty, but also useful thanks

11 Aquaristic beginner mistakes, which you should avoid in any case!

The common aquaristic beginner mistakes are as follow: The size of the aquarium Too small aquariums are in need of care and cabinets are stocked with Large aquariums require space and insurance / Dominate rooms Dependence on desired stocking Inform

Keeping Zebrafish in the Aquarium – This is How it Works


The zebra danio, Latin: Danio rerio or also called striped danio, is a fish originating from Asia, which enjoys great popularity in the aquarium industry. It belongs to the family of the Bearbears and can grow up to six centimetres

Keeping Tiger Barbs in the Aquarium – here’s how it works

tiger barb

The tiger barb is one of the most popular freshwater fish among aquarists worldwide and should not be confused with moss barbs. Thanks to the attractive colouring and the particularly lively species, this ornamental fish is an interesting eye-catcher in

The black phantom tetra – The ornamental fish for home

black phantom tetra

Black phantom tetras are South American tetras, which are characterized by a very splendid, dark coloration. Especially with regard to the often much more colourful colouring of Bolivian tetras, this dark colouring turns out to be a unique selling point.

Cleaning fish for the aquarium: which fish clean the aquarium?

Cleaning fish for the aquarium: which fish clean the aquarium?

Most aquarists know them, many also love them: the typical aquarium cleaner fish, which are advertised in pet shops as a beginner in aquaristics. Mostly we understand cleaner fish as the classic L-catfish, which suck on the aquarium glass and

Keeping Danio Margaritatus in the Aquarium – This is How it Works

Danio margaritatus

The Danio margaritatus (Danio margaritatus) was discovered in 2006 in Myanmar and Thailand in the Inlese Lake area. It is also known as Rasbora Galaxy or Microrasbora Galaxy, as the pattern of the Danio margaritatus also reminds of the nightly

Keeping Moss Barb in the Aquarium – This is How it Works

moss barb

The green colored moss barb enrich every aquarium with their beauty. They are also easy to keep and therefore suitable for beginners in aquaristics. The bright carp fish are extremely robust and show a particularly interesting behaviour. They are therefore

Keeping King Tiger Loricariid catfish (L333) in the aquarium – this is how it works

King Tiger Loricariid catfish

The king tiger catfish, lat. Hypancistrus spec., captivates already at first sight by its strikingly mackerel pattern, which also gave it its name. The stripes can vary in colour from white to orange and from brown to black. The pattern